Stop! Collaborate and Listen…

Collaborative learning can be a beneficial and important aspect of online learning. The sense of community can foster additional learning and promotes alternative viewpoints as others participate in a group discussion or group project.

As described in one of this week’s resources (Palloff & Pratt 2007), there are multiple ways to promote collaborative learning in an online environment. In line with some of the examples brought up in the reading material, research ideas on the Internet related to collaborative learning.

In a short reply to this post, comment with one or two examples that you found with a link to those resources and why you think they are good for collaborative learning. See the attached scoring rubric.

Rubric: Discussion Rubric

Palloff, R., & Pratt, K. (2007). Building online communities: Effective strategies for the virtual classroom. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass


4 thoughts on “Stop! Collaborate and Listen…

  1. ashazenzi
    This site presents some excellent options for the application of collaborative learning techniques. It offers suggestions for face-to-face (turning to your partner to compare notes) as well as online (the use of wiki’s to complete projects). All of the strategies involve creating an inter-dependence among the students forcing them to engage one another.
    This site also provides some strategies and best practices for facilitating collaborative work. This article refers to collaboration as Cooperative Learning. This type of interaction is important because the learner-to-learner experience can supplement any understanding provided by the learner/instructor and learner/resource pieces.

  2. Mr. Zirkle


    Great topic. I think including more multi-media will help increase collaboration. For example, if we were required to bring in web 2.0, images, and videos into our discussions, I think we would increase the discussions and connections between learners. For example, using collaborative mind maps like Mindmiester can allow for a class to collaborate on a learning object together. Prezi is another tool that can be used for a collaborative learning experience. Here is an group collaborative ice breaker that I made.

    I have included a link to a video that demonstrates several ways to increase collaboration with the use of technology.

    1. factorblank Post author

      Thank you for sharing the video. There are so many options for online collaboration available today, it can almost be overwhelming choosing the best one.


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