It costs how much!?!?

Figuring out a complete range of costs, work effort, and activities needed to complete an Instructional Design project can be difficult. Sometimes experience helps, but if you do not have the experience finding others who do can help.

Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design

This website provides a good general overview of costs and potential time projects may take. I like how it breaks it down by budget in both dollars and percentage of time for each activity. While it is fairly general, and does not take into account every situation or resource need that could occur, it provides something to start with as a guide.

Cost Calculator

Using interactive input, this cost calculator on Training & eTracking Solutions provides a useful tool for estimating costs per employee when developing a training course. I might use this website as a way to estimate the general personnel costs a training program might require. I would use it along with other cost estimates to provide a bigger window into how much the entire training program will cost to design and deliver.


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