The human brain is often used as a central plot device in popular fiction. Whether it’s Dr. Frankenstein looking for a replacement brain for his creature, a zombie in a horror movie looking for sustenance, or the trauma caused to Ashton Kutcher’s character’s brain as he alters his own past in the Butterfly Effect.

Back to zombies for a second, possibly one of the most terrifying thing about them is that they solve their issues through brute force. No thinking, no pondering about the universe and their place in it, they want what they want and nothing will stop them. They are us, but are without reason.

Perhaps if they could reason, and read for that matter, the following websites about problem solving could help the zombies find their favorite midnight snack:

Study Guides and Strategy

The Problem Solving section of this website provides methods of problem solving in a procedurally structured format. Several different methods are provided and the text states to use the one that best fits the situation. The information provided is good, but as a technical writer, I think some of the formatting issues should be corrected.

Over Fifty Problem Solving Strategies Explained

The University of New England hosts this webpage, covering fifty different problem solving strategies. All fifty are listed and linked in the beginning of the article, then a brief explanation is given for each of them in the last half of the article. I would recommend this article for anyone interested in learning more about problem solving.


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