I know kung fu!

Okay, I don’t really know kung fu, or any other martial art for that matter. I did take a self-defense course in college but that is about the closest I’ve ever gone. The point of the title is that feeling of discovery when learning something new and unexpected, like when Neo exclaims the phrase in The Matrix after Dozer uploads programs into his brain. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to upload knowledge directly into our brains (yet!) but we do have an incredible wealth of shared knowledge through the Internet and the variety of blogs and other resources accessed through it.

In the field of Instruction Design there are numerous blogs and web sites. I’ll briefly cover three that I have recently discovered:


A search engine query for the keywords “Instruction Design” will likely put this on the first page of results. It’s in no way comprehensive but is a good starting point for those starting to learn about the field. Many of the topics could go into more detail and include more links to other resources. The pages that are developed are informative and useful. The web page has a great concept, I only wish it was more developed than its current state.

Disney Institute

Full disclosure, I’m a former Walt Disney World cast member, so I may be a little biased with this one. The Disney Institute was founded in 1986 as a way for the Disney company to share its business practices with other organizations. The blog covers a variety of topics, anything from what Disney recruiters look for in a new hire to improving leadership skills to ways to improve training in an organization. The topics are told from Disney’s unique brand of business leadership style, which can be applied to Instruction Design and other fields.

Online Learning Insites

This blog, maintained by Instructional Design veteran Debbie Morrison, is a wonderful resource of insightful postings about the field of Instructional Design. A well designed blog site, full of timely and useful information about Instructional Design, I am going to be sure to follow the posts on this blog as I continue my education in the field.


One thought on “I know kung fu!

  1. ID Girl

    Great posting! Fun to read and informational – bonus! 🙂
    I took a look at the site for Debbie Morrison and have added it to my RSS feed reader. It looks like it has a lot of information that will come in handy. There was quite a bit she mentioned that I did not understand, but that is great as most of the sites I’ve come across so far are for learners. This one will help me become better at ID. Thanks for sharing!

    -Jenn B.


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